ARCHITECTURE: Lake view from all buildings / Diversified ensemble of buildings / Modern villas and houses with warm, varied façades / Maximum privacy with roof terraces, loggias and balconies facing away from each other from one storey to the next / Variety of natural façade materials (brick, wood, plaster) / Variety of apartment and house styles / Innovative floor plan designs with flexible space division / Atriums and galleries / Panoramic windows with high quality heat-protective glazing and shade screening


INTERIOR: Handover of completely designed properties / Floor-level wood windows with triple glazing / Heat exchangers for utilising geothermal energy / Enhanced sound insulation / Underfloor heating / Screed walls / High quality design variations in the bathrooms / Selection of flooring from wood flooring to innovative stone floors / Private gardens with individual terrace and garden designs

GARDENS AND TERRACES: Private gardens feature diverse borders with four species of hedges and garden trees / Lawns in private gardens accentuated with spring and fall bulbs / Expansive community green spaces (woods, meadows) for play and meeting the neighbours / The grounds are bordered with picturesque and ecologically valuable quickset hedges / Low traffic residential street


OPEN SPACES: Living with water and nature in individually placed buildings alongside the man-made lake / Open spaces designed by internationally renowned landscape architects / At the heart of the project is an artificial lake with five coves / Reminiscent of the Brandenburg region’s lake landscapes, the five coves are bordered by reeds, grasses and Scots pine trees

SUSTAINABILITY: Geothermal energy utilisation / KfW 70 energy efficient house (qualifies for subsidies) / Stormwater drainage on the property / Some flat roofs are designed as green roofs / Preservation of native forest as well as extensive new planting / First residential project in Berlin to be awarded DGNB-Pre-Certification (Certification from the German Association for Sustainable Building)


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